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Telecom quoting sites promise information but can be misleading .

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You can't expect much from a "lead" generation site where your contact info is the real product, not what is best for your business. Nor can you get objective information when dealing with an employee from any single provider. They may not admit to being a “salesperson,” but you can count on them having a quota to make. They could mean well, but you’ll only hear about what they must sell; it is a very limited view that could cost a lot.

Absolutely the Best Pricing, Always

As authorized agents for all your local and national providers, we get you the same, often better, pricing. You’ll get extra helpful information the salespeople don’t know or “forget” to tell you. We share with you, in detail, what is best between multiple vendors. The fact is, the providers love working with us because they know you’ll be more satisfied if you have an advocate who understands the big picture. We’re allowed access to discounts, enterprise-level offers, support, and information to help you make informed decisions.

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Personalized Assistance with Candid Recommendations You Can Trust

Personalized Assistance with

Candid Recommendations You Can Trust

  • You’ll Save 20 – 60%
  • You’ll Get the Truth
  • You’ll Avoid Mistakes

FIBER Optic Options

Find fiber alternatives that work…
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Learn your location's true proximity to all fiber providers.
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VOICE Systems & Solutions

Fix bad VoIP and avoid mistakes…
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Compare all platform types before you make decisions.
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INTERNET Provider Choices

Don’t Settle for poor Internet...
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You have choices, let’s find all your internet options.
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CLOUD Connectivity & Services

Solve slow access in a cost-effective way…
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Improve the quality of how your cloud services perform.
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Acquire greater leverage though our strong relationships with providers. Access pricing that is typically only available to larger customers.

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Telecom Consultant

  1. They don't have a quota to make
  2. You get to hear the truth
  3. Unbiased opinion of multiple carriers and their product lines
  4. Single point of contact for multiple providers
  5. Mergers and acquisitions
  6. Agents are invested in your long-term success
  7. Extra incentives and promotions
  8. Same or better pricing is assured
  9. They understand next-generation technology

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Top Ten Reasons to Use Telecom Agent Consultant


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